We believe that the following factors are key to the past success and future growth of our business:

  • Cloud-based SaaS digital mental health and total wellbeing platform: Our platform enables organizations to meet the growing demand from their employees and customers for easy to access support around mental health and total wellbeing. Our formula of combining technology, content curation, and mass-customized services supports and solves this increasingly imperative business mandate to reduce healthcare costs and productivity losses, and it does so through our profitable operating model.

  • 17+ years of experience curating expert information into engaging digital education: Three key factors set us apart in the corporate wellbeing space: (i) we have an ability to take raw information from experts and turn it into highly engaging, easily consumable and consistently relevant digital education; (ii) we have developed systems, both client-facing and internal, that allow us to rapidly deploy, service to clients at scale, and engage our users; and (iii) these technologies along with our proprietary processes and tools allow us to provide mass-customized, yet white-glove, account services to our clients. This mix drives high levels of engagement and usage, as evident in our average of 70 trainings being accessed per year per 100 employees for our enterprise clients.

  • Large, diverse client base of 800 clients around the globe: Our clients include mid- and enterprise-sized organizations around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, insurance companies, and other health technology firms.

  • “Solution that is Sticky” and Agile: We connect and enhance wellbeing programs and can quickly address world events and emerging issues: Whether our platform is deployed as a standalone solution or integrated with another solution within the corporate wellbeing ecosystem, LifeSpeak can function as the “front door” or connector for disparate programs. In addition, our experience and vast network of 300+ experts allows us to quickly address world events and emerging issues. This high level of responsiveness is highly valued by the HR teams of our clients, as they themselves seek to respond meaningfully to such events.

  • Predictable and profitable subscription business model: We have an attractive SaaS business model that generates profitable growth and predictable subscription revenue. We have been able to scale quickly while maintaining meaningful profitability.

  • Large addressable, global market: According to GWI, a global research firm, the global corporate wellbeing market, is estimated to reach US$65.6 billion by 2022. We believe our business is uniquely positioned to address this global market.

  • Experienced Management team: Our management team has a long history of product innovation and leadership in the employee mental health and wellbeing education space and delivers value and capital-efficient growth. Our management and Board are well aligned with shareholders through their ownership of LifeSpeak.