Aimee Gindin


Aimee Gindin is the Chief Marketing Officer at LifeSpeak Inc. In her role, Ms. Gindin has responsibility for the go-to-market strategy, communications, and growth of the corporation and its full suite of wellbeing products.

Previously, Ms. Gindin was Head of Marketing & Strategy at Torchlight, which LifeSpeak Inc. acquired in 2021. Prior to Torchlight, she co-founded and held multiple leadership positions at Magnetude Consulting, a full-service tech marketing agency, for nearly a decade.

Ms. Gindin graduated from Chatham University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and worked as a mental health clinician at the start of her career.

She is a keynote speaker and published author, featured in publications, including USA Today, STAT News, Employee Benefit News, and HR Executive.